The rumors were true! In his recent interwiev with GameInformer, Managing Director at Ubisoft Sofia in Bulgaria - Ivan Balabanov said that new version of the original game in in development.

"After so many years, and so much advances in gameplay, Altair's story seems to lack content," Balabanov said. 

The main idea was to introduce new players to the series via adapting original experience to the current gaming formulas. What does that mean? That means, along with better graphics, animations and modernized gameplay (many more side missions, Helix database and more), Ubisoft will add content from spin off's such as: 2008 "Altaïr's Chronicles", 2009 "Bloodlines" and 2015 "Memories" to create bigger game based on Altair's life.

For now, release date is not certain. The project in early stage of development, but Balabanow hopes the game can be released on 2018 fall.

[Source: Ivan Balabanov ]


Our Take
For fans, this is great news.  Recent years have not been kind to the series, and starting again with original game remaster seems like a good start.